Retarded Fone News Edit

This list tells you when a retarded phone comes out. We will try to keep this station as updated as possible. But sometimes we won't. That is because our producer, Deadvani Sheller, got Hyrule Field confused with ReDead Field.


1: we can't even call this... thing a Fone

2: a terrible Fone

3: a bad Fone

4: a cheap Fone

5: an ok Fone

6: a quality Fone

7: a good Fone

8: a very good Fone

9: a great Fone


The UglyBug Fone Edit


The UglyBug Fone

This is the UglyBug Fone. It sucks because you only get to dial 4 Fone numbers. Once the numbers are input, they can not be changed. This was supposed to be a way to stop you from changing them to different people's Fone numbers, but also stops you from fixing wrong numbers. You also can't be called, because IT DOESN'T HAVE A FONE NUMBER! But the worst thing about this Fone is that you can only use it 5 times a month. SUCKS!

Score: 2/10