ReDeads in Ocarina of Time Edit


OoT ReDeads...

ReDeads are the Manifestation of evil in Ocarina of Time. They are Dead Hylians that have been brought back to life by Ganondorf. They can be found in dark and distant locations such as underground caverns and inside graves. They are also unknown if they are actually living or posessed dead bodies ( like dead puppets).

ReDeads attack by Raping anyone who comes within a certain distance in front of them. They are blind but have very strong hearing. They can also let out ear-curdling screams to scare the crap outta their enemies. Once the victim is stunned, they will begin to slowly walk towards the victim until the victim can run away or attack.

ReDeads are most commonly found in dark and desolate areas such as caverns and graves. They paralyze link and then Rape him, sucking the life out of him. Their piercing screams will stun Link where he stands, even if he is in midair at the time. In the Royal Family's grave stone, Link must kill the royal family (in ReDead form) to reach the door where the Sun's Song is engraved on a stone tablet. This song will do the opposite of redeads, freesing them which is the only way to fight a ReDead without letting it scream. If Link kills a ReDead, other ReDeads in the area will walk over and eat the body!!!

When Link is an adult, ReDeads do not freeze Link on sight, although they still let out their horrible scream. This is because when link is is 17, he has gotten over his fear of ReDeads. ReDeads are everywhere within the Shadow Temple.

Ocarina of Time: Master Quest Edit

In Ocarina of Time: Master Quest:

  • There are ReDeads in the Forest Temple.
  • Many more are in the Shadow Temple.
  • They appear along with Gibdos inside of Ganon's Castle.
  • They can freeze Link even as an adult.
  • They can freeze Link from far away.
  • Their RAPE causes more damage to Link.