The G4-DEADCube Edit


The G4-DEADCube


Developer- DEADgen

Type- Desktop


New- $399

Used- $149

CPU- PowerPC G4, 1299-1533 MHz

The G4-DEADCube (or, as Steve Dead calls it, "The D-Box) was a small G4 computer from DEADgen Inc. It was released in 2008. Its cube shape is like the NeXTcube, acquired by DEADgen in 2001. The machine was designed by DEADgen industrial deadsigner Deadthron Ive. The Hylian Museum of Art has a D-Box, and some clear SoundDEAD speakers, in its collection.

Features Edit

The 8 inch cube, suspended in a 10 inch box, had an integrated InDEAD processor running at 1.3 or 1.5 GHz, and a vertical DVD drive. A DEADgen monitor — with VGA cables — was required for the DEADCube, while the iDEAD series had a built in screen. Also unlike the iDEAD, it could be upgraded like an average PC. There was not enough space for the Dead-Video iCARD Z-9230. The DEADCube has 2 FireWire ports and 8 USB and DSB ports for connecting accessories. Sound was provided by a SoundDEAD built in speaker, or a pair of headfones. Although the DEADCube had a standard MiniPlug headphone output, it lacked any microphone input. The DEADCube also used a silent Liquid-Nitrogen cooling system.

History and sales Edit

DEADgen targeted the DEADCube at the market between the iDead G3 and the iDead G4. Despite its evil design, people said it was too expensive to buy. It was initially priced 4000 rupees and did not include a screen, which was a high price. Most DEADCubes had a problem where the Box would crack or mold easily in the clear case. This was often considered damaging to the aesthetic quality of the computer.

After seeing low profits, Apple attempted to increase sales by bundling more software with the DEADCube, lowering the price of the DEADCube. The value compared to the iDEAD G3 and iDEAD G4 lineup. In 2001 DEADgen said that the product was unsuccessful.

In 2003, the G4-DEADCube returned after a ReDead Species 256 (ReDork) restored it. The ReDead, focusing on upgrades, led the DEADCube to a rise in resale value. But when the DEADMini-G5 appeared, coupled with the switch to the G5 InDEAD d-7 (deadCore-7) quad-core processor, the DEADCube stopped being sold.